American Jobs

As the political season progresses, it seems there is really nothing more important than the high rates of unemployment in the US. As an operator in the field of dietary supplements, something came up on my radar a few months ago.

We tend to think and believe that the really good fish oils come from Norway. And in some regards this is true. Norway has a very mature fishing industry and are well known for high quality fish oils.

However, the reality is that most of the processed Omega-3 fish oils are sourced out of South America off the coasts of Chile and Peru. There is very little controls over the tonnage of fish removed from the seas in South America and there is a great concern about the sustainability of the South American sourcing.

So even if your Omega 3 fish oil says "From Norway" or "Produced in Norway", more than likely the fish are really South American and the Norwegian industrial complex will source globally in order to sustain their industry. The fjords of Norway cannot produce for the entire world.

Now, I have uncovered an American company that is sourcing solely from American fisheries. These fisheries are self-regulated and certified by the non-profit conservationist organization, Marine Stewardship Council. We can rest assured that our supply of Alaskan oily fish will be here 10 years, 25 years and right on into the future. The distillation and purification and detoxing of the these oils are performed in FDA inspected facilities and are wholly owned by multi-generational American family business employing hundreds of American workers.

Our bottling plant in the southern United States employs more Americans and our distribution is run wholly by Americans. We are an American company working for the betterment of our clients’ health and for the betterment of our country and our belief in an exceptional American business strategy.

It may be cliche to say, "Be American, Buy American" but if there was ever a time that Americans need work and Americans need to be loyal to American products, it’s today.

We could make more profits by selling cheaper overseas oils, but strongly feel we can take less profit and sell competitively, help people, provide jobs and livelihoods for our fellow Americans.

The great thing about it is that the choice is yours. Please join us in aspiring to better health and creating and sustaining American jobs. Join us today in good health.